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 Derby From A Distance - By Piggy Phatness, ACRG league writer

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Derby From A Distance - By Piggy Phatness, ACRG league writer Empty
PostSubject: Derby From A Distance - By Piggy Phatness, ACRG league writer   Derby From A Distance - By Piggy Phatness, ACRG league writer EmptyWed Mar 21, 2012 10:44 pm

Derby From A Distance
by Alamo City Rollergirls on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at 9:16pm ·

By Piggy Phatness, ACRG league writer

Roller Derby is a sport that can best be appreciated when watched live. That’s not to say that if you are able to live stream an event on your computer it isn’t also enjoyable. Like anything else however, the in person , in your face experience of a live derby bout is really where it’s at. So needless to say when this past weekend arrived and our very own Tejanas traveled to Oklahoma City to take on the ladies of Oklahoma City Roller Derby, I was at a loss as to how to best enjoy the experience since I was still home in San Antonio. Adding to the intrigue of it all is that as league writer, I am charged with recapping the bouts for our fans. How to cover a bout I was not even present for? I was going to have to be creative.

Truth be told, I worked this weekend and so that alone was keeping me from making the trip. Fortunately for me the power of social media is that no matter the distance there would definitely be ways we would, at the very least, receive updates. I got off at 5 on Saturday, and with a two hour commute home, I figured that within that time I would be able to get a sense of what was happening so far away. I knew the bout began at 5:30, so I began my drive home patiently awaiting my first update. It was sweet torture. Here is the timeline…

6:10 – Finally after what seemed an eternity the first update came in. ACRG 50 OKCRD 29… Strong start, realized that I hadn’t taken a breath for about 40 minutes…

6:29 – Still on the road when halftime score is posted. ACRG 76 OKCRD 45. My excitement level is crazy and I realize I am now doing 85... Ease off the gas... all is well...

6:45ish – All of a sudden pictures of America Ferocious and Crash n’ Burnadette getting their heads shaved appear online. I’m confused. I know that there have been hair vs. hair stipulations in pro wrestling but I hadn’t heard that this was the case for this bout.

7:00 – Finally someone explains that the head shaving is part of a charity fundraiser to support St. Baldric’s Cancer Research. I feel good that our girls are representing not just on the track, but in the community too. Plus, I am proud that Crash, America and I now have the same hairdo.

7:30 – Time to meet up with a bunch of ACRG Pistoleras for dinner and of course the big talk is what the latest score is. Surely the second half is underway by now. (By the way, mark your calendars, April 15th your ACRG Las Pistoleras squad will be competing in our next home bout!)

7:50 – My enchiladas arrive… Waiting patiently for a score...

8:01 – I’m on my second fully dressed Corona… Refreshing my phone over and over like a high school boy waiting for “her” to text… I'm dying to get a score update...

8:12 – Whew! An update!!! ACRG 138 OKCRD 82 with a few minutes left is what we are told… The Tejanas are rocking it, but all I can think is “HOW LONG IS A FEW MINUTES???”

8:27 – Final score… ACRG 145 OKCRD 108… Our table erupts with the news of the Tejanas sweet victory! I collapse from mental exhaustion…

OK so I exaggerate a little, but road games are going to be torture this year for yours truly. Everytime they travel, a piece of us who stay back goes with them. And frankly that’s how it should be. We will make the trips we can, but no matter the distance, we will never be too far apart. We’re ACRG. What that means is, we’re family. And family sticks together… Join our family by following us on Facebook, on Twitter and by coming out for our bouts. Until next time...

Piggy out...

ACRG’s next home bout, Sunday April 15th, will feature Las Pistoleras going up against Houston Roller Derby at the Rollercade at 223 Recoleta. Tickets are on sale now. For more information go to See you at the bouts!


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Derby From A Distance - By Piggy Phatness, ACRG league writer
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