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PostSubject: A FAN'S RULES TO KNOW   Fri Dec 31, 2010 3:03 pm


No Lead Jammer! YIKES!
The first time through the pack, if the jammer passes a blocker out of bounds, there is no lead jammer & the jam will continue for the full 2 minutes. This is tough on the jammers!

No Points! WHAT?
A Jammer will not be awarded points if one or both of her skates is on the ground out of bounds.

BUT - If the jammer drops behind the blocker she passed out of bounds, she may re-pass the blocker in-bounds and get that point!

Why Penalties SUCK!

If a blocker commits a foul on the jammer, the jammer will be awarded the point that she is attempting to score.
The jammer will be awarded an extra point for every opposing skater in the penalty box, but only after passing at least one of the remaining opponents in the pack.
A jammer cannot score on a blocker upon whom she committed a penalty.
Take THAT!
If a jammer laps the opposing team’s jammer, she scores an extra point, if she gets all 5 points (pivot, 3 blockers and opposing jammer) it's a Grand Slam.

Blocking RULES
It is illegal to

Block/push an opponent from behind
It is illegal for a skater to block with her feet or trip an opponent.
Use any part of the arm below the elbow to aggressively push. In using arms for blocking purposes, the arm must be BENT, not extended full length.
GRAB, HOLD, or PULL an opposing player
Elbows may be used in blocking, but not in the following manner:
A skater is not permitted to use an elbow block above the shoulders.
A skater is not permitted to use an elbow with an upward or downward motion.
A skater may not use the elbow as a “punch” to the chest.
Why Ain’t That Blocker BLOCKING?
Neither a pivot nor a blocker may chase down and block a jammer 20-feet in front of the pack, and may not block if they fall 20-feet behind the pack. Blocking 20-ft. from the pack results in minor penalty. After 4 minor penalties, a major penalty is given, which lands the player in the penalty box for 1 minute.

thank you


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